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Nurturepreneurs enables and prepares you to pursue your passion, start your own venture and define your own success as a leader

Nurturepreneurs takes students through the journey of thinking, creating and refining a business concept. Students are guided by expert entrepreneurship teachers, career counsellors, designers and supported by successful entrepreneurs and business people.

We have designed a four step process that cultivates the entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Think of problems and ideas to solve them
  • Act on ideas by getting out there
  • Build the ideas and bring them to life
  • Learn from feedback and keep improving

Nurturepreneurs brings out
the best from the students.

Throughout the journey, students develop entrepreneurial skills such as initiative, communication, presentation, collaboration, problem solving, creativity and innovation and the mindset and confidence to start their own venture at any stage in their lives

<b>Initiative & Planning</b>

Initiative & Planning

The ability to take complete ownership of a project by strategic planning, executing and working through challenges independently.



The ability to start the process of creating solutions with the resources at hand and learning to use them optimally and effectively

<b>Problem Solving</b>

Problem Solving

The capacity to identify problems and apply process-oriented thinking and reasoning to take decisions and build solutions

<b>Innovation & Technology</b>

Innovation & Technology

The ability to use basic technology and create solutions to problems without clearly defined structures.



The ability to work together towards a common goal in diverse teams



The skill to share data, ideas and important information in a visually engaging manner

<b>Creativity </b>


The ability to apply design and creative thinking processes to think of ideas and change actions to try alternative solutions



The ability and confidence to clearly express ideas, share thoughts and persuade an audience

Hi, I am Aditi

Being at the best college for entrepreneurship studies – Babson, Aditi experienced what it meant to be entrepreneurial. While mentoring high school students at Lowell High School, Boston, she was enamoured to see the excitement in these kids as they shared their passion for their business ideas. She wondered how her own career and life would have turned out had she started to think this way from primary school. Would she try new things more confidently? Would she make different career decisions? Would she have a different set of skills? Would she achieve something she feels passionate about?

With this motivation, she made an effort to achieve her vision of making the Indian youth experience the art of entrepreneurship. Through the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Aditi designed curriculum on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship for various programs. She continues to be a member of the EDII Committee for developing the textbook of entrepreneurship for standard XI and XII for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). She has been actively collaborating with startups to disseminate entrepreneurial awareness, and has, over the years, felt the need to do so in a more organized manner. She envisions developing the mindset and skill of entrepreneurship in as many young people as she can.

One thing led to another, and after months of brainstorming with academicians and successful entrepreneurs, the idea of ‘Nurturepreneurs’ was born. By imparting entrepreneurial skills to the youth, ‘Nurturepreneurs’ equips them with the power to ideate, innovate and excel.

Aditi Nemani

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